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Pavilion Fundraising

Since being appointed in 2018 the Callister trustees have been fundraising for an indoor space for the Callister Garden in Slatey Road. An eco friendly building it will replace the long gone Edwardian pavilion and offer an indoor space for community activities and provides modern, accessible facilities. We are asking for a contribution towards the colonnade along the front of the Pavilion. Its pillars are made from uk
larch and will form a natural performance space at the front of the pavilion, sheltered by the green sedum roof above. Two steps down from it, the length of the building will make it ideal for choirs, musicians and children’s performance. There is also a ramp up to the building for disabled access. The colonnade is architecturally the most distinctive feature of the building. 

Fundraising Video

Community Consultation

Letters of Support

Callister History Montage

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